We're an MIT spinoff providing portable,

non-destructive metal strength testing

and seam identification services.

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Massachusetts Materials Technologies (MMT) now offers fast and reliable field testing services to determine the strength properties of steel and to characterize the longitudinal welded seams of pipelines without service interruption or expensive cutouts. Data from this non-destructive testing will prove very valuable for the industry and can be used to identify the steel grade and differentiate between fabrication processes. MMT has performed in-ditch testing across the United States and in Canada. Our performance has been benchmarked through four rounds of blind testing validation, and in-house accuracy and repeatability metrics are provided in the resources below.

Standard test method for Hardness, Strength, and Ductility testing of metallic materials for tensile strength properties. 

A brief introduction to our innovative technology.


MMT provides field personnel equipped to complete any on-site job, including in-ditch testing of oil and gas pipelines.

MMT’s field services include:

The combination of these services allows our team to deliver complete and accurate reports regarding the mechanical integrity of existing materials or quality control of new manufacturing.

We have the capability to apply our services for applications that include pressure vessels, assembled structures, and aluminum materials. Our team is flexible and capable for meeting the demands of special projects. Before a project, we request at least 1 week of advance notice to accommodate personnel and resources. Generally, a complete report will be provided within 1 week of the completion of testing, but we will make an effort to accommodate urgent deadlines.

For more specific inquiries, contact our testing service lead:

Kotaro Taniguchi

Testing Service Lead


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See the precision and repeatability of the HSD Tester with respect to the prediction of the yield strength and ultimate tensile strength.​

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